A Happy Core

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Most of us have heard this at least once in our life. Today I want to touch on the importance of core health.  Major muscles of your core include the pelvic floor muscles,transversus abdominis, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae(sacrospinalis) especially the longissimus thoracis, and the diaphragm. Minor core muscles include thelatissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus, and trapezius.


Wow! I thought for the longest time that my six pack or 4 pack were all the muscles in my midsection. The obsession with a flat midsection has grown in popularity over the years. There are several items available for sell today claiming to help you acheive a slim and trim midsection. I want to let you know that the destination to an awesome midsection cannot be reached by a simple method. There are many parts that work in conjunction to arrive at your goal. First, the quote is true the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach, it is also the way to the brain, kidneys, liver and lungs. What you eat is dispersed throughout your body. It is very imporant to eat whole, plant based foods. The nutrients provided by these foods will nourish your entire body and the body will eliminate what is not needed expeditiously. Your midsection may be puffy from inflammation as well as adipose tissue. Simply cutting calories will not help. You must decrease the amount of animal products and let your stomach heal. You will need to decrease the amount of body fat in order to see muscle definition in your midsection and all over your body. Doing an excessive amount of cardio will not guarantee a flat midsection. You must incorporate strength building exerecises as well. There are tons of gimmicks promising to help you arrive to an enviable midsection. Be wise and don’t fall into the trap of quick fixes. It will take a changed eating plan to a plant-based whole foods diet, cardio and strength training exercises and spiritual resources to encourage you to make the best choices for your body and the environment. There are certain groups in our society that acheive nice toned midsections without using this method. They do however utilize healthy eating plans coupled with a displinced fitness routine. Research your options and choose what works best for you. Keep mind, body and spirit balanced!

Peace and Blessings!



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