Take the First Step

Recently, I was witness to a fitness professional registering people to a new opportunity to join a program that would help them begin their journey to get in the best physical shape they had been in and even to win a monetary prize for doing it. The opportunity was extremely good and I couldn’t help but to encourage people as they came up for more information about the requirments. Most people would begin to give the trainer all types of excuses as to why they couldn’t participate. The excuse that I kept hearing over and over was that they wouldn’t be able to do the exercises.

People you must know that fitness trainers are trained to meet you where you are currently and help you to improve. The first step however, must be taken by you. You have to show up. You have to be consistent, You have to be honest with yourself and your trainer. We know you aren’t able to do the hardest exercises at first but we all have a beginning.

I encourage you to take the first step. Don’t give up on yourself. Keep going. Be persistent and consistent. Be honest and gentle (but not lazy) with yourself. Go be great! I believe in you!

Not here to judge you, just here to nudge you

Ricki The Health Coach

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