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Assignment 1


The area of focus that interests me as a professional in health and wellness is workplace wellness. I would like to begin my career as a professional in a company that assists corporations, government agencies and small business owners in implementing, evaluating and enhancing workplace wellness programs. The following articles describe workplace wellness programs and how they benefit employees and employers.

The links define what workplace wellness is and how it is being used more and more in the workplace. The articles provide insight on the importance of taking interest in the health of employees. The articles highlight the cost saving advantages of implementing workplace wellness programs. These articles will help me stay informed about the trends in my industry and what is important to know as a wellness professional.

Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Workplace Wellness


Changing The World

It only takes a spark!

Igniting a fire only takes a spark. I realized I could change the world with one tiny spark from myself. I thought it would take a grand discovery that would affect millions of people. In reality, it only takes one change by me to change the world. The ability to change the world lies in each of us. I will explain how this occurs on a daily basis.  This past weekend I ran my third full marathon.  This was a goal I set a year ago. I incorporated the help of my friends and family to help me train and prepare for the race. I began by training and posting my runs. By setting a goal for myself and working on it daily I was able to show how consistency builds discipline. I changed the course of my health by maintaining a healthy weight. This is the first way I changed the world. I defeated the chance of developing type 2 diabetes by running. People in my family that have to listen to me on a daily basis change the way they eat and the amount of physical activity they engage in. This is the second way I have changed the world. My family and friends then inspire the people they are in contact with to make small positive changes in the way they approach their health. This is the third way I have changed the world. Although you may not have actually run the marathon with me, if you prayed for me, offered encouragement and advice then you were just as much a part of it as I was. We are all connected through our energy. You may not receive credit for someone’s lifestyle change and that is ok. Keep shining and striving. We can change the world with our spark!!!!!


Peace and Blessings


Experiencing Emotions

At times I feel happy, sad, mad, angry, frustrated, hopeless, peaceful, confused, lost, joyful, grateful, content, ecstatic, silly, disgusted, upset, lovey dovey, determined, accomplished, ashamed, doubtful, confident or powerful. Life has moments that bring different situations and my emotional reaction to the different situations are very different. I have decided to accept and acknowledge what I am feeling in certain circumstances. I am not a happy person all of the time. There are things that happen in life that cause me to feel sadness, anger, frustration and hopelessness. I have coping mechanisms that allow me to identify my feelings and the cause of those feelings. I do not desire to linger in those feelings for an extended period of time. I recognize the importance of those feelings in my life. I have grown to realize that every moment isn’t going to be a happy moment. The sad moments have their place. When I face them and work through them I can appreciate them for what they are; character builders. It seems to me in today’s society we are expected to feel happy and if we aren’t happy all of the time, something must be wrong with us. I see advertisements all of the time for programs to help people find their happy. I understand that some people suffer from clinical depression and they would benefit from professional help and resources. The rest of us are allowed to have our moments or days when we are in our feelings and we should be unapologetic about it. If it was not okay to feel sad tears would not have been invented. Acknowledge and accept your feelings. Find coping strategies to help you work through the feelings. Appreciate and love the character building that takes place. Cry and cleanse your soul if that’s what it takes. Breathe and believe that brighter days are always ahead.12


Peace and Blessings


A Determined Mind

It takes a determined mind to make real change in any situation.  In order to change the physical; change has to begin in the mental space.  When embarking on the journey to harness your will power you need to see yourself successfully completing your goal.  The mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised daily.  You must begin with mindful meditation and prayer.  You have to fast regularly (beginning with once a year then increasing the frequency as you mature) in order to strengthen your relationship with The Creator; while strengthening your mental toughness.  It is not that some of us are given special privileges.  Anyone is capable of being in charge of their minds and bodies. Once you become aware and awake you begin to make the choices that benefit your being.  These choices will in turn benefit other living beings that you and your life energy come in contact with.

Peace and Blessings

Ricki The Healthcoach

First Post

I decided that each year I would do something that terrified me. I want to prove to myself that the fear I create and generate comes from within.  Starting this blog is the terrifying thing for me this year. I have always given advice to my family, friends and anyone else who would listen. This is an adventure that has me nervous and excited.  I want to share the world from my perception with the kindred souls in the universe. Thanks for reading my first post. Stay tuned for many more to come.


Peace and blessings!